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1993 Paul Reed Smith

Pre-Factory Custom 24

Pearl White

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A highly desirable pre-factory Custom 24 with an extremely rare Pearl white finish.  It has the original white label HFS / Vintage Bass pick-ups and what appears to be a “regular” contour neck carve.

Here are some things to think about as you look through the pictures.  Read more at the bottom of the listing page.

  • A highly collectable pre-factory guitar
  • Original white label HFS & Vintage Bass pick-ups
  • Small neck heel
  • Reasonably heavy for a CU24 at 8lbs. 12oz. with fabulous tone and natural sustain to show for it
  • One-piece Mil-Com bridge
  • A collectable Pre-Factory player in a very rare finish color


This guitar is a maple top Custom 24 not a solid mahogany Standard 24.  A beautiful rock solid vintage collectable player in very good condition with an extremely rare Pearl White finish.

These pearl guitars have an angelic glow on stage.  The finish on this one is largely intact, showing less cosmetic playwear than you’ll find on most 20 year old classics.  There have been some finish touch-ups as pictured above and there are some small random surface dings.  The pictures pretty much tell the story.  Most notable, there was a finish chip filled on the back of the neck above the 8th fret.  The color match is fair but not perfect.  The texture is glossy smooth and only slightly irregular to the touch.  All in all its largely out of the way and though noticeable upon close inspection, it’s not noticeable as you play.  The finish on the tips of the headstock were touched up some time in the last 20 years as well.  These touch-ups appear to have been done a little more casually than the neck touch-up was.  I’ve taken care to provide close-ups in reflective light so you can see the random marks on the body, neck and headstock.  A scratch in the upper horn, a couple of bumps on the top and a little chip back by the strap button.  No real buckle rash but some light surface scuffs or scratches on the back to be noted.  You can see what and where these cosmetic marks are in the close-ups and then compare to the full view photographs to see how minor or invisible they really are.  The finish is in great shape for a 20 year old guitar.  In consideration of the blemishes noted I’ll give it an 8.9 rating cosmetically.  The tone pot appears to have been replaced but everything else is completely original including the frets which have plenty of life left in them.  This guitar is a player and it should be played.  It is also a proud classic to be seen and heard with.  Comes with a PRS hard case and the original tremolo bar.  All of the latches work perfectly.  The tolex is tattered  in places and has torn off on one corner as pictured.

Please be sure to take a moment and click here to look at my ABOUT page or access it from the top menu bar.  You can click HERE to access my e-Bay feedback profile ( e-Bay seller dm-2 ) directly as well.  I encourage even the smallest of questions so always feel free to e-mail me any time.  Over 140 of my e-Bay feedback ratings are from PRS guitar sales.  The sequential serial numbers of set neck guitars coming out of the factory will top 200,000 any day now.  The number on this guitar is under 14,000, putting it in the top 7% of all PRS set neck guitars ever made.  If you’ve come to this page directly through an organic Google search, you can see a list of all the PRS guitars I currently have for sale HEREPRS guitars are an investment.  You’ll ALWAYS have the option to re-sell it for as much or more than you paid.

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$1945.00 Includes Ground shipping to the lower 48

You want it….  You can afford it….  Pull the trigger. 

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