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WoodStone formed in 2009 from two members of different performing Central New York rock bands and have been playing throughout the area as an acoustic duo ever since.  WoodStone members Jim Scala and Mike Fedorchuk continue to play in their 4 piece bands in local clubs, community events and private functions.  You can see more about the members and their other musical projects below.

Playing a very divers mix of rock music covers, WoodStone is well suited to nightclubs, bars, wineries, happy hours, coffee houses, outdoor events and private functions of all kinds.  Check the main page for more detail about what you can expect to see at a WoodStone show and a list of our up-coming club dates.  Be sure to visit our Video page, which is full of short clips from recent performances and log into our Guestbook before before you leave to let us know what you think about the site or the last WoodStone show that you attended.

  Mike Fedorchuk:  Mikes strong voice, bright acoustic rhythms and fluent finger picking ability contribute soulful detail to WoodStones’ musical presentation.  He is a life long veteran performer on theatrical and musical stages across the Up-State area and can often be seen performing a solo acoustic show as well.  Mike’s other band Magical Mystery Tour  has created an authentic Beatles tribute show, complete with period wardrobe.  As a member of MMT Mike performs the parts of John Lennon and the shows are often presented in chronology from the Ed Sullivan era right on through Sgt. Peppers.  Click HERE to see more about MMT.
Mike Fedorchuk
Jim Scala:  Jim’s detailed vocal inflection contributes concise harmonies and half of the evenings lead vocals.  Also a life long veteran performer, Jim brings the aspects of lead guitar, slide guitar and harmonica to the WoodStone stage.  Jim’s four piece electric band The Extremists, features extreme dual guitar work on a classic rock platform.  Formerly Alibi, The Extremists have taken on a much stronger edge to their music in recent years, prompting the name change.  You can click HERE to learn more about The Extremists, or click the Extremist tab at the top of this page.
Jim Scala




























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