Paul Reed Smith Standard 24


Excellent Condition – Great Tone and Playability


PRS Standard 24 models feature a solid mahogany body, set solid mahogany neck and a stop tail bridge, all designed to maximize warm tone and sustain from the instrument.  The finish is super cool, the neck is comfortable and the sound is outstanding.  This is A LOT OF GUITAR for the money.  A great value to get you into PRS high end domestic models at a very reasonable price.

 photo 1998Standard2401_zpsafc40ef7.jpg  photo 1998Standard2402_zpsa848b02c.jpg


Barely played.  Frets are like new. 

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  Be sure to see the rest of the description at the bottom of this page.


 photo 1998Standard2403_zps7d6ba8d8.jpg  photo 1998Standard2404_zps1e60aca5.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2405_zps7df6cf1b.jpg  photo 1998Standard2406_zps355cd33a.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2407_zpsb5d4ac94.jpg  photo 1998Standard2408_zps03516056.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2409_zps9294ddbe.jpg  photo 1998Standard2410_zpsfb7e62a5.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2411_zpsf40593d4.jpg  photo 1998Standard2412_zps048f18eb.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2413_zps80c7d051.jpg  photo 1998Standard2414_zps301bfbb5.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2415_zpsfc511792.jpg  photo 1998Standard2416_zps0a8ffb49.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2417_zps22a66778.jpg  photo 1998Standard2418_zpsd705d264.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2419_zpse59dfd9d.jpg  photo 1998Standard2420_zpse9d783e0.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2421_zps7b2946aa.jpg  photo 1998Standard2422_zps37e23044.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2423_zps81dc3799.jpg  photo 1998Standard2424_zps106523dd.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2425_zps48edff5d.jpg  photo 00359497-6c89-4e0f-9a18-03313d59c635_zpsc0b3c5ae.jpg
 photo 1998Standard2427_zps10356fe6.jpg  photo 1998Standard2428_zps641696ca.jpg

The tone wood of this 15 year old instrument has aged beautifully and the guitar has been very well kept since it was new in 1998.  Set up with the original factory HFS and Vintage Bass pick-ups just like the Custom 24’s, this solid mahogany Standard offers an even warmer, fatter tone than the maple cap customs. 

The Royal Blue Metalic finish is radiant and the guitar is generally in excellent condition.  It does have a few minor cosmetic blemishes.  Most notable is a small finish chip that flecked of the lower back-side corner as seen in the pictures.  There is a tiny chip in the finish at the tip of the head stock and some shallow buckle worming on the back that you could see in the photo when angled in the light.  Comes with the original case and factory eagle hang tag.

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This guitar is also listed on e-Bay with a starting price of $250 more than I’m asking here at my home page, due to the outrageous fees that e-Bay imposes on sellers.  It is also on a rotating consignment schedule in two local music stores but I’m asking more there too, as they take a pretty healthy cut if they sell it.  Why pay more than you have to?  Check my feedback and buy it here.  It may be gone soon.  Send me an e-mail and we’ll talk.   


$1475.00 Includes Ground shipping to the lower 48

You want it….  You can afford it….  Pull the trigger. 

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