2007 Paul Reed Smith

Model 513

With Gold Hardware

A Beautifully Flamed Maple 10 Top in stunning

Natural Flamed Maple Finish

Superb Player, Excellent Condition, Incredible Sound

 Some things to keep in mind as you scroll down through the description and pictures…..

  • A rare and beautiful Natural maple finish
  • Beautifully accented with Gold Hardware
  • Innovative, versatile and proprietary electronic design
  • Rich rosewood board with 513 Bird Inlays
  • Excellent physical condition and playability
  • Outstanding tone and resonance
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural01_zpsfb2a3b9b.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural02_zpsbe8766a1.jpg

The most versatile guitar to date, from the finest guitar manufacturer on the planet.  The blade and selector switches combine in various ways to offer the widest variety of true single coil and humbucker sounds available on any guitar.  You would need a midi processor to get more options than you have on-board here and who wants to mess with all of that when you can simply plug in this flame thrower, turn it up and go!   The entire electronics package was designed specifically for this model, as was the custom fit neck joint (see picture) and the 513 bird inlays which have a racy modern edge design.  The PRS web site can provide additional detail about this highly versatile design.  For the moment I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  Be sure to see the rest of the description at the bottom of this listing page.

 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural03_zps335f50d1.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural04_zps72d5e30f.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural05_zpsb608fdce.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural06_zps64c0e6c0.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural07_zpsee4a53eb.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural08_zps023b3666.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural09_zps680dbdf3.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural10_zps2a671f20.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural11_zps198eb0f0.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural12_zpsc229bd89.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural13_zps5463e3b2.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural14_zps28c8c2f2.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural15_zps6c0cd5ba.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural16_zpse004b6d8.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural17_zps08744d27.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural18_zps9d659efb.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural19_zps4ca18f2f.jpg > photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural20_zps73e32173.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural21_zps8a76b852.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural22_zps8c6df608.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural23_zps6e4389e0.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural24_zpse11b445c.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural25_zpsda362e3c.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural26_zps6ba60860.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural27_zps798c2216.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural28_zps7bcf2eb1.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural29_zpsa59ed07a.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural30_zps7b43eca2.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural31_zps445a2664.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural32_zps760714b5.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural33_zps94298ad6.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural34_zpsa98cac93.jpg
 photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural35_zps19d970d8.jpg  photo 2007PaulReedSmith513Natural36_zps0bfd42a8.jpg

The action is smooth, comfortable, low, and extremely responsive, just as you would expect from PRS.  The frets are simply brand new and the rosewood board has a rich, dark grain which accents the Natural finish, gold hardware and 513 birds perfectly.  I would rate this guitar 9.7 cosmetically, deducting from a perfect score of complete perfection for 2-3 minor blemishes in the clear coat.  Everything is visible in the pictures.  Auction includes the original case in excellent condition, tremolo bar, case keys, tools, original paperwork (no eagle hang tag), and unsigned warrantee card.

There you have it….A cutting edge 2007 Model 513 with a rare Natural 10 Top, in excellent condition.

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This guitar is also listed on e-Bay with a starting price of $250 more than I’m asking here at my home page, due to the outrageous fees that e-Bay imposes on sellers.  It is also on a rotating consignment schedule in two local music stores but I’m asking more there too, as they take a pretty healthy cut if they sell it.  Why pay more than you have to?  Check my feedback and buy it here.  It may be gone soon.  Send me an e-mail and we’ll talk.   


$2390.00 Includes Ground shipping to the lower 48

You want it….  You can afford it….  Pull the trigger. 

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