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The Extremists current line-up came together in 2009 as guitarist Alvin Anderson and drummer Mike Kelly joined the core members of Alibi, a classic rock band performing primarily in the Auburn New York area for over 14 years.  With two accomplished lead guitarists on board, the focus of the band shifted sharply to emphasize passages of dual guitar, harmony guitar and simultaneous leads in many of their songs.  As the intensity of the music moved up several notches from the more traditional Alibi presentation, the bands new name “The Extremists” was born to reflect the new format.  The group still performs occasionally as Alibi in certain local clubs where owners and followers prefer the bands original format of classic rock when delivered with a little less intensity than The Extremists bring to the stage.


Mike Kelly – Percussion:   The engine that thrusts the entire train forward.  Mikes rhythms are steady and strong as he turns in the most physically demanding performance on the stage every night.  High energy and virtually tireless, Mike contributes a solid rhythmic foundation laced with artistically concise syncopation to accent all of the other instruments on stage. 
Mike Kelly
Bill Colvin – Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals:   One of the two founding members in the group, Bill provides 1/2 of the lead vocals and 110% of the bass guitar every night.  Bill’s bass style is perfectly suited to laying down a solid foundation, particularly through the many passages in which both lead guitars have simultaneously gone completely off the reservation.  A veteran of many Auburn and Syracuse area bands, Bill also performed the vocally demanding roll of Simon in the annual Syracuse Salt City Playhouse production of Jesus Christ Superstar for four consecutive seasons.
Bill Colvin
Alvin Anderson – Lead Guitar:  Known for punishing his Stratocasters both musically and physically (see photo and video tabs in this web site), Al’s guitar work brings a measure of fire to the show.  Un-distracted by microphones (unless of course he is using the mic stand as a guitar slide),  Al consistently impresses audiences with his unbridled stamina.  When he’s not busy filling the room with his half of the lead guitar parts, he’s teaming-up out front with Jim Scala for the many dual-lead guitar passages throughout the show. 
 Alvin Anderson
Jim Scala – Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Keyboards & Harmonica:     The other founding member of the group, Jim turns in 1/2 the lead vocals and the other 1/2 of the lead guitar parts in any given show.  Jim also punctuates the set list with keyboard and harmonica parts.  These additional instruments add layers of contrast and dimension, expanding the bands musical presentation to a level rarely achieved by a four piece group.Jim’s acoustic duo “WoodStone” performs regularly throughout Central New York and in Saratoga Springs as well.  To learn more about WoodStone you can click HERE or click the WoodStone tab at the top of this page.
Jim Scala


























































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