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1994 Paul Reed Smith

Pre-Factory Custom 24

 Tortoise Shell l 

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A highly desirable pre-factory Custom 24 with a rich un-faded tortoise shell finish over a uniquely flamed maple 10 top.  It has the original white label HFS / Vintage Bass pick-ups and electronics.  There are no markings regarding the neck carve but it feels a lot like the PRS wide/fat contour to me.

Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 01 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199401_zpsd6f931da.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 02 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199402_zps18efc1da.jpg

Here are some things to think about as you look through the pictures.  Read more at the bottom of the listing page.

  • A highly collectable pre-factory guitar
  • Original white label HFS & Vintage Bass pick-ups
  • Small neck heel
  • Reasonably solid for a CU24 at 8lbs. 4oz. giving it great tone and natural resonance
  • One-piece Mil-Com bridge
  • A collectable Pre-Factory player in a finish color that has not been available for years


Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 03 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199403_zps0073729b.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 04 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199404_zps4aabc97f.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 05 photo 80b6d9da-78e5-45ee-96f6-8c7c63219a44_zpsaa753bc3.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 06 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199406_zps85f6a9f4.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 07 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199407_zps3a1cb936.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 08 photo d8c41c80-cd79-449c-a848-ca67914b07d7_zps69ae215a.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 09 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199409_zpsfc1a9f2d.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 10 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199410_zpscf456c92.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 11 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199411_zps6adfa83b.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 12 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199412_zpsf5593fb1.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 13 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199413_zps77521ee5.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 14 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199414_zps40c6365b.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 15 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199415_zps269be03a.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 16 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199416_zps013ed2cb.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 18 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199418_zpsfda25ada.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 19 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199419_zps817f9aaa.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 20 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199420_zps71457660.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 21 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199421_zpsf3a819ec.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 22 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199422_zps522f2993.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 23 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199423_zpsbc052721.jpg
>Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 24 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199424_zpsf562f87b.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 24a photo 2688e30d-6c3d-490c-989a-9bc082fd2b25_zps16294237.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 25 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199425_zps5ee43a12.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 26 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199426_zpsfadf991a.jpg
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 27 photo 5791f8b7-90b7-4fad-8808-a01c34b30769_zps3467cf3e.jpg Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 PRS 1994 28 photo PaulReedSmithCustom24PRS199428_zps20e0726e.jpg

The wider flame patterns near the bridge pick-up and horns make this 10 top really stand out among others.  Tortoise shell is among my favorite PRS colors and has been unavailable for several years now.  You can see in the pictures around the pick-up rings that there has been no fade at all to this rich Tortoise Shell finish. 

This is a rock solid vintage collectable player in very good condition.  There are random surface marks throughout the guitar but certainly no major gaffs and there have been no repairs of any kind.  You can see light cosmetic marks on the top in the close-ups taken with intense white light to bring out the little white surface marks in the clear coat for your consideration.  This is the worst I can make it look.  For proper perspective, be sure to consider the full view photographs to see how minor or invisible these really are.  The finish is in great shape for a 20 year old guitar.  There is typical play wear down to the brass on the lower bridge saddles and a chip in the headstock horn as you will see on most PRS guitars that have been played (as PRS guitars should be).  No real buckle rash but plenty of light surface scuffs or scratches throughout the back.  In consideration of the blemishes noted I’ll give it an 8.7 rating cosmetically.  This cosmetic  playwear simply makes it “playable”.  If you want a museum piece I’ve always got some of those around too and listed at a fairly assessed price to match the piece.  This guitar is a fabulous, rare, collectable, pre-factory player also available at a very fair and appropriate price. 

The electronics are all original.  The frets which have plenty of life left in them.  The fret wear that is present is somewhat unique in my experience.  It appears that this guitar may have been owned by “Drop D chord cruncher” for most of its life.  There is no fret wear in the typical open positions or up high on the neck as you might find on most 20 year old guitars.  As you see in the pictures, the only evident fret wear is at the top of the fret board under the bass strings, leaving all of the prime areas of the neck that most players need to be almost new.  The neck carve is not noted in the cavity but my assessment based on experience is that this feels more like a wide/fat neck than anything else.

This guitar is a player and it should be played.  It is also a proud classic to be seen and heard with.  Comes with a PRS hard case and the original tremolo bar.  The case is pretty heavily used and the tolex is torn off on one corner.  The two outside latch tongues are broken but I’ll include two replacement tongues in the case for you.  The guitar has an aftermarket rosewood truss rod cover on it as photographed.  It is also pictured with PRS strap buttons but will come with strap locks on it and a free extra wide black leather strap.    

Please be sure to take a moment and click here to look at my ABOUT page or access it from the top menu bar.  You can click HERE to access my e-Bay feedback profile ( e-Bay seller dm-2 ) directly as well.  I encourage even the smallest of questions so always feel free to e-mail me any time.  Over 140 of my e-Bay feedback ratings are from PRS guitar sales.  The sequential serial numbers of set neck guitars coming out of the factory topped 200,000 last year.  The number on this guitar is under 19,000, putting it in the top 10% of all PRS set neck guitars ever made.  PRS guitars are an investment.  You’ll ALWAYS have the option to re-sell it for as much or more than you paid. 

This guitar is also listed on e-Bay with a starting price of $250 more than I’m asking here at my home page, just to put a dent in the outrageous e-Bay seller fees they would charge me to sell it to you there.  It is also on a rotating consignment schedule in two local music stores but I’m asking more there too, as they take a pretty healthy fee if it sells there for me.  Why pay more than you have to?  Check my feedback and buy it here.  It may be gone soon.  Send me an e-mail and we’ll talk.   


$1860.00 Includes Ground shipping to the lower 48

You want it….  You can afford it….  Pull the trigger. 

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