Own a Very Clean Piece of PRS History

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Invest in a Guitar That Will Hold it’s Value for as Long as You Own it

1988 Paul Reed Smith



The Elegant Simplicity of a Gloss Black Finish


With Natural Binding

** All Original **

A Clean, Fast Neck with SUPER LOW Action


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It will be a VERY LONG TIME before you see another PRS guitar listed with a serial number in the low three digits.  Think about this one carefully while it is still here.  PRS bolt-on guitars coming out of the factory today are numbering in the 40,000 range.  This pre-factory guitar from my personal collection is the 144th CE built, putting it in the top 00.4% of all CE’s ever made. A true piece of PRS history.

The guitar has a only minor surface marks or scuffs here and there and is generally in excellent condition for a 24 year old classic.  Here are some things to think about as you look through the pictures.  Be sure to see the detailed description at the bottom of the listing page.

  • A highly collectable pre-factory guitar
  • Original pots, wiring, rotary switch and TWO Vintage Bass pick-ups!
  • A really clean regular carve neck, with great rosewood grain and no discernable fret ware
  • Super Low Action  (Shred – Shred – Shred)
  • One-piece Mil-Com bridge



There are no nicks, dings, digs, scratches, paint checks or buckle rash on the body (front, back, sides or edges) at all.  There is some light pick hazing below the strings and random light surface swirls as you angle it in the light.  It doesn’t shine like glass onyx any longer but it is extremely clean and could probably be rubbed to an even glossier finish than it already has.

The rosewood board is beautiful and the frets are like new as you can see in the pictures.  The finish on the back of the neck is essentially intact as well.  Many of these old CE’s have the finish worn right down to the wood.  It would be your job to accomplish that on this baby.  You can see the two areas clearly in the pictures, at which the finish is a little lighter from having been played.  These are located at the first and 5th frets.  However, the finish texture is as smooth as glass still.  Only the color is lighter in these common playing positions.  The is one small nick in the clear coat behind the 10th fret where it looks like the guitar was once leaned up against something.  You can’t even see it in the picture.

The headstock tips are perfect.  There are surface scratches beside three of the tuners on the front which you can see clearly in the photo.  I would speculate that someone who doesn’t know how to properly lock strings into these tuners once used pliers and may have slipped.

The pot’s, rotary and pick-ups are all original.  The knob on the rotary is starting to crack inside.  This guitar came from the factory with white labeled Vintage Bass pick-ups in both positions.  PRS did that on random guitars back then.  I’ve owned three others with the VB + VB factory set-up including a 1990 Cedar Top Limited Edition Custom 24 which I can send you pictures of.  The prior owner told me that the original VB pick-ups in this CE-24 were once taken out and put back in while he owned it.

The original tremolo bar is included.  The case is also original and in very good shape.  The handle has been replaced.

Check my e-Bay feedback profile by clicking HERE and/or e-mail me with any questions. Over 140 of my e-Bay feedback ratings are from PRS guitar sales. PRS guitars are an investment. You’ll ALWAYS have the option to re-sell it for as much or more than you paid.

This guitar is also listed on e-Bay with a starting price of $295 more than I’m asking here at my home page, due to outrageous e-Bay seller fees.  It is also on a rotating consignment schedule in two local music stores but I’m asking more there too, as they take a pretty healthy cut if they sell it.  Why pay more than you have to?  It may be gone soon.  Send me an e-mail and we’ll talk.

 $1950 Includes Ground shipping to the lower 48.

You want it….  You can afford it….  Pull the trigger.


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