1992 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Quilt 10 Top

This guitar came in recently and I’m starting to construct a detailed post.  Please check back for an updated description and photographs.  Feel free to e-mail me for details.  Sometimes people buy them faster than I can even complete the listing.  Initial observations include:  It is a 10 top, it is virtually un-played, it does have a small factory finish flaw that you can see in the last photograph below.  Some of the grey finish bled into the binding just above the rear strap button.  The area is small and out of view for the most part.  It is completely sealed beneath the original factory clear coat.  The guitar was give a “B” stamp from the factory which typically means that it was celebrity owned.  I checked with the factory.  There are no records to indicate who the guitar was initially given to.

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 photo IMG_3052_zpsijxdf11d.jpg

 photo IMG_3195_zpsizndexb5.jpg

 photo IMG_1965_zpswwcpiriv.jpg

 photo IMG_1936_zpszaoziwzk.jpg

 photo IMG_1909_zpszxqjjeak.jpg

 photo IMG_1905_zpsi2cq0azj.jpg

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