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See a short clip of what you can expect to breakout at an Extremists show


The Extremists are taking Central New York music clubs on a long over-due journey.  There isn’t another band anywhere in Central New York putting their guitars out front in this format and the audience response has been outstanding.

The core members of Auburn’s classic rock favorites Alibi (Bill Colvin & Jim Scala) have been performing together in various groups for over 25 years without pause.  Adding accomplished guitarist Alvin Anderson and hard driving rock drummer Rick Basha to the line-up has added an extreme new dimension to the show, elevating it several notches above anything the group has done in the past.  So much so that it was an obvious time for a name change, from Alibi to THE EXTREMISTS!!! As lead guitarists Alvin Anderson and Jim Scala have teamed up to infuse the Alibi set list with intricate dual guitar passages, the band is calling this new incarnation “the return of rock guitar to CNY music clubs”.

The Extremists show is very well suited to bars where people want to see two veteran guitarists get together and tear up their instruments for four hours.  The band also places a premium on selecting iconic songs that other bands don”t or can”t play.  Their core material ranges from classics by Santana, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Aerosmith, The Doors, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and The Allman Brothers, to modern classics by Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Van Halen, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

While the band places a heavy emphasis on dual / harmony arrangements, the back-drop of tasteful classic rock covers assures both crowds and club owners that dancing is ALWAYS an option, as you”ll see in many video clips on this site. The group is a cover band and proud of it.  “We express our creativity with our instruments and arrangements.”   If you want to hear obscure original music, go to a coffee house.  If you want to witness an evening of searing rock guitar, intricate harmony leads and spontaneous dual guitar solos check the bands list of club dates and come out to support The Extremists.



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Some scenes from our 2013 dates at Shifty”s

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To see our 4 minute video cross-section demo click here:   The Extremists Demo

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