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Hello and welcome to the web site.  The purpose of the HOME page is simply to direct you to any of three mutually affiliated, feature web sites.

You’re just one click away from what you came here to see!!!

This site features two separate Central New York bands (with over-lapping members) made up of veteran musicians that have been performing throughout the area without pause since the 1980’s in various groups.  This site also features Paul Reed Smith Guitars for sale.  On the PRS site you’ll find detailed descriptions with photo-spreads of each instrument and you might even see several of them in live performance through the videos posted to the band sites so be sure to visit all three sites.


Paul Reed Smith Guitars for Sale The Extremists WoodStone

To learn more about either of the two bands or the current inventory of Paul Reed Smith guitars available for sale you can return to the home page, use the menu bar above or click on any of the photographs embedded in this page

Perhaps you’ve seen one of the bands at a recent show and would like to leave a comment or check our schedule of up-coming shows.  You may also have searched for Paul Reed Smith Guitars for sale.  Regardless of which interest has lead you here……

You’ve Come to the Right Place!!!


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